Because I said I would

because I said I would
I want to explain something to everyone who has questions about it. Lately a lot of people have been writing to me and asking me why I chose Because I said I would to make the video with me. When I sent the message to Alex Sheen, I was already aware of the things he had done to better society and raise awareness. The most notable event was where he walked across Ohio to raise funds and awareness for the three incredible women held captive by Ariel Castro. He also raised enough money to send one hundred children with cancer to Disney World. When I saw the media surrounding these events I saw a man whose motivation wasnt notoriety or wealth but a desire to better the world. At the point I was at in dealing with my own guilt and despair, I somehow knew I could trust Alex and would defer to what he thought was best. The first time I spoke with him I knew I had placed my faith in the right person as we had a similar mindframe as to what would make an impact. I told him about the tragedy and together we came up with a plan to create awareness, prevent others and hopefully make some sort of difference so others won’t choose the same path I did. We spent a short time together but we were of the same mind when it came to the video and our conviction to see the promise through. No matter what was thrown at us. It was a lifetime of emotions in a very short time and there isn’t a better person I could have picked to keep me forward and help me through it. Because I said I would is trying to create a bridge to a better world.- Matthew Cordle


3 thoughts on “Because I said I would

  1. Matt,
    Even though some people do not agree with your video I want you to know I was emotionally connected to you. I at one time got behind the wheel after a night of drinking and wondered how I got home safe. I think many people were reminded of the same. I understand your message and now your words will always be there…”please I beg you don’t drink and drive.” I know it has saved many already and will continue to do so. You picked the right person to produce and share your story with. God Bless & I love you

  2. I’ve contemplated my reply to this posting for a few days because I want it to be clear. I think the work Alex Sheen is doing is awesome. I was encouraged from watching Matthew’s video to join Alex’s website and to make a donation to his work. That said, there was one posting that Alex did that really upset me. It followed Matthew’s first court appearance where the not guilty plea was entered. Alex was very critical and felt that Matthew was turning back on his promise (this was before all of us learned the reason why). I understand his point of view, but I also couldn’t help but think that perhaps after experiencing jail, that Matthew might have decided to work with his attorneys on a plea that could still accomplish his goals. Alex’s comments that day really frustrated me because it felt like he was more concerned about his work than about Matthew. I’m sure this is an unfair opinion given that I don’t know Alex, but it is how it made me feel. I should add that Matthew has posted how supportive he finds Alex to be, so clearly they have a tight bond which is great. In the end, as we all know, Matthew did plead guilty and now is serving his prison sentence. As I said above, I think what Alex is doing is completely awesome and very needed in our world, however I think there might be times when someone has pure intent but may need to reconsider how best to accomplish something. I wonder if Alex knew what conditions Matthew would face in jail and then prison or how long he might be there when he was encouraging him to go forward with the video and the guilty plea? I do not know, but I do know had Matthew altered his course somewhat still with the same intent, I’d still be a supporter. He didn’t, of course, and like so many I stand in awe of how he continues to demonstrate the courage of his convictions. Promises are powerful things and Matthew has shown the world just how powerful and healing they can be. I just hope that people don’t see themselves as failures if they have to alter how they accomplish something as long as they stay true to the intent. I didn’t order a card and do an online posting, but I continue to write to Matthew ‘because I said I would.’ I’m glad so many others are writing to him also. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.– Ken

  3. I really know nothing about this and it is truthfully really none of my business. From what I have read, Alex Sheen initially thought Matt had gone back on his promise and was upset. It seems to have been cleared up since then that Matthew pleaded not-guilty to be randomly assigned to a judge and then would quickly enter a guilty plea once a judge was assigned. I am not sure if this is correct but I think each step was to ensure he felt he took full responsibility and didn’t get any special treatment. Truly I have no idea if any of this is correct. Just what I have read. I am probably speaking out of turn.

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