Lessons Learned

I received a very thoughtful card from Mr. Canzani’s ex-wife. It still blows my mind of her strength and ability to forgive me after what I have done to her and her loved ones, she is truly an amazing woman. She included a photo of Vincent and I have to admit that it made my heart sink and is difficult to look at. Seeing him look so vibrant and full of life is a struggle knowing I am the one who robbed him of it but I know it is part of the healing process. I placed the photo in my photo album because in a way I feel very close to him, yet I barely know anything about him. His friends and family have graciously offered to tell me about him. This tragedy has not only saved my life, but taught me a lesson about the love and forgiveness of those who I have hurt and it shows the true strength of humanity. To those out there who may be similar to me in regards to substance abuse or mental health issues my best words of advice is to do the best you can to take care of yourself day-to-day because one moment of complacency is all it takes to lose everything….keep moving forward. -Matthew Cordle


5 thoughts on “Lessons Learned

  1. Matt….Your words are so eloquent, sincere and from the heart. I think of you often and keep up with you via your mom’s Facebook postings. You are making the best of a really tragic situation and that is the most you can do and all God really wants you to do. You may never know how many lives you are saving through your blogs, but you can be sure there are many. God Bless…Debby Guerriero

  2. I continue to be amazed how at powerful the posts from Matthew are. I am always moved by what he has to say. I think it is wonderful that the Canzani family and friends are communicating with Matthew. I am sure they are hurting, but this forgiveness is what heals. If more people around the world could find in their hearts to forgive, our world be a much a better place. Matthew touched on something here that is very important and that is the plight of the mentally ill and those dealing with substance abuse. So many community-based programs have lost funding in recent years all across our country. As I bet Matthew would agree, prison is not the best place to receive mental health services and yet that’s where many end up getting it. We all need to encourage our state legislators to fund and support community-based programs that exist to help those who need these types of services.

    Kari, just wondering are you able to visit Matthew often?

    • Hi Ken,
      I moved to Reno, Nevada 3 1/2 years ago. I have not seen Matthew since he was convicted on October 25th. I have talked with him many times on the phone and we write letters and emails 2 or 3 times a week. I will visit Matthew for the first time on May 4th.

  3. Sorry. Something Matthew said in his last letter made me think all of his family was in the area. It’s good he can call. I’m sure hearing his voice helps a lot.

    • Oh no need to be sorry! Yes hearing Matthews voice is very comforting! I do struggle often that I am so far away from him. We do have a large family that all live very close and never miss a visit! I can’t tell you how excited I am to see him in May!

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