Sarah’s (sister) account of June 22, 2013

grant hospital


I want to dedicate this to everyone who helped that night…bystanders, police, victims, rescue workers at the crash site and everyone at Grant Hospital. Thank You. I can tell you one thing, I haven’t slept thru the night since Matt’s wreck, I constantly check my cell phone throughout the night. My phone was on silent that night. I awoke to my husband on his cell phone saying “what hospital? we are leaving now”. I thought it was one of my grandparents at first. My dad had just left that morning with my stepmom and youngest brother and sister for vacation. My mom lives in Nevada. My husband informed me Matt had been in a car wreck. We quickly put on some sweats and got in the car. I called my dad back to ask what had happened. He said Matt had been in a bad car crash, that the hospital called him and said he was in critical condition but ok and conscious. He hit someone else. I asked how the other person was? And my dad choked out that he think they had died. Other than that we had no details. Was anyone else in the car? Were there other cars? Who died? Where did this happen? And the question we didn’t want to say outloud-was there alcohol involved? We got to the hospital and immediately went to the ER where we were greeted by a wonderful social worker (and I wish I knew her name now as she was so helpful and calming). She told us the police were in with my brother and we could not see him until they were finished. I didn’t even know what questions to ask at this point. Only a few minutes later two cops walked out and approached us. They told me they believed my brother to be intoxicated and took a blood sample. They had his license and said it was suspended pending investiagation.They told me my brother had gone the wrong way on the highway, hit another car and the other person died. The cops didn’t know too many details as they had come with my brother to the hospital. Looking back, they were not friendly and very cold at the time…..but once I processed it all, I understand now….what they had just seen had to be horrifying. Looking back I am also very glad neither of my parents were there. No parent should have to go thru that, and no child should ever do that to their parents. I went in with the social worker to see Matthew. My husband stayed in the hall as we didn’t know what to expect or want to upset him. You could smell the stench of gasoline walking into the ER. As soon as he saw me he began to scream and cry. He kept saying “I killed someone” over and over….and that it should have been him. I stared at him in disbelief. I feel I am usually pretty good and level-headed in chaotic situations. I felt numb. Staring at my baby brother who was covered in blood, gravel and gas, injured, sobering up to the reality of what he had done. I didn’t know what to say or what to think. Was I mad? Was I glad he was alive? Did I want to punch him or hug him? I am so grateful for the social worker because she knew all the right things to say to him and myself. They made me leave as he was getting to worked up and transferred him to ICU as he has multiple serious injuries. My husband called my Dad as I gathered Matt’s things, rummaging thru them for some kind of clue. It was 4am Ohio time. Within the next hours, my sisters showed up, I had a few break downs, my dad jumped on a flight home, I had to call my mom and tell her what happened. She got a flight home. Our minds were racing with what to do next, what will happen? He kept asking us who he had killed. At this point nobody knew and/or would tell us. They had to notify the family first. As I started to process everything, I realized how sick I was at what my brother had done….but yet how thankful I was he was alive. Seeing him first in the ER, I honestly thought there was a chance he wouldn’t be okay. Looking back I now know there is a reason he is alive. He will prove it to the world. Just watch and see. Follow his journey.
R.I.P Vincent Canzani. -Sarah Alasya


3 thoughts on “Sarah’s (sister) account of June 22, 2013

  1. I am just so saddened by this horrific accident,Vince was married to my daughter Cheryl,we loved Vince,I can only imagine how Matt must prayers are with him,he must ask God to forgive him,and then needs to forgive himself,this is hard,may God bless you Matt..

  2. Thanks for sharing, Sarah. Since the beginning, I’m following Matt from Belgium through the Internet. He’s young enough to be my son, and I liked his reaction to what he did. Courage. To you all and to Vincent’s family. Eric (Nivelles – Belgium)

  3. Sarah, thanks for sharing. I’m sure those are awful memories and putting them into text could not have been easy. However, in so doing you illustrate that as much as we may ,insist that we “are not hurting anybody else” with our actions, indeed we may be. Sharing this will hopefully give others a reason to think about what they are doing, particularly as regards drinking and driving. I’ve never been one to drink heavily or to drive if I did, however I can tell that I am more aware now than ever before, in large part because of Matt’s story. I hope you know that you are reaching many people, more than you will ever know. How is Matt doing? I see he has a new post, the first in a while. Has his transition to Pickaway gone ok? I know it is still prison and nothing changes that, but I hope he is doing ok. Ken

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