Matts NEW address

Matthew Cordle
P. O. Box 209
11781 St. Route 762
Orient, Ohio 43146

Matthew has been transferred to Pickaway Correctional institute where he will serve the remainder of his sentence. Anyone interested in writing to him is encouraged to do so. Again-handwrite your address (no stamp/label as they will tear it off). He also has access to emails through and will be able to respond to those fairly quickly and regularly now. allows you to “email” him for 30 cents and you can send a virtual stamp with it so he can email you back. Matthew has been accepted into the Oasis program:

The Oasis Therapeutic Community (TC) is a collaborative effort between the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, and the Pickaway Correctional Institution servicing male offenders with substance abuse problems. OASIS stands for “Our Awareness of Self Increases Success” and the name was created by its first residents. TC focuses the residents on right living in a pro-social community and recovery through a shared therapeutic structure that includes communal meetings, encounter groups, education, organized recreation, and the like. There are 2 paths in OASIS: one is an Intensive Program Prison model that runs 4 months at PCI and 3 months in the community. The other is a long term program running 9-12 months in the institution. Residents are held to a high degree of accountability. Staff are there to help guide and assist, but the residents are the primary role models holding each other to a high standard. TC has proven very effective in helping offenders “go home to stay”.

5 thoughts on “Matts NEW address

  1. this is a good thing now he ( Matt) will be able to get focused on himself now instead of whats going on out side and what he missing!! im glad this will help him so much to find himself and to look at the things he can change in his life!!!! go Matthew you got this stay strong you will be home soon!!!

  2. This is such great news. Matt has to be so relieved to be out of that cell. It is great that he has been accepted I to the Oasis Program and can begin to get some support in dealing with and confronting all that has happened. Hopefully he will also be able to focus on himself and less on the events that got him there. I realize it is still prison, but after so long in the CRC this has to feel like a major improvement. Thanks for sharing this with us,

  3. Matt , take it one day at a time , Oasis can be tough, But you will get more out of it than you put into it . . . God Bless

  4. Hey just wondering if you have heard from Matt? Is he finding Pickaway to be better in some ways than the situation at the CRC? Has the move helped his mood swings (as he talked about in an earlier post) to level off somewhat? I realize it is still prison, but hopefully he has more freedom of movement and feels less caged. Just wondering how he is doing.

  5. Ken,
    Yes I spoke to Matt two days ago. Seemed positive and getting used to his new surroundings. He is in a bunk style room now instead of a cell which is better! Everyday is different but we try to make sure he knows he has support and always can share his feelings with us no matter what hes going thru than keep them in! Thanks for asking! He will keep sharing on the blog as well once hes settled 🙂
    Sarah (oldest sister)

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