January 14, 2014

The first thing I remember is hands attending to me and then the feel of cold across my body. ER nurses were cutting my clothes off and checking for more wounds. I remember not being able to see but I could smell gasoline, which was all over me. My arm and head felt like they were on fire. I can’t remember much more except for cops attemping to talk to me and me being extremly delierious and irate. At this point, my sister Sarah and brother-in-law Ilker arrived. I have asked her to write about what was going on, what she saw and felt when she arrived at the hospital. -Matthew Cordle


6 thoughts on “January 14, 2014

  1. Is there a way to connect with Matt via Email or some other way? I’ve spent some time in prison and would like to write to him and encourage him if possible. Please let me know. You may email me confidentially if you want. Thanks.

  2. Hi there! 🙂 I’ve been following Matthew and his story since the moment it went public. I have never met Matthew, but I just graduated from nursing school so I have seen many different things that seem to help me relate to him – ERs, ICUs, and even a male rehab center. I’m sure that Matthew has plenty of people writing him, but if you think he would be interested in hearing [and/or writing] someone else, I would love to share the stories I’ve heard and the things I’ve learned through nursing school and from just life itself. I feel like handwritten notes are a bit more personal and seem to have more of a heart behind them, but if he is interested in communicating or just wants a friend, handwritten notes or emailing is fine with me.

    I know these situations impact more than one person, so I hope you all are doing well and finding peace in the little things. Prayers and hugs for you all.

    God bless —
    Rachel Herron, 23 y/o
    Shawnee, Kansas

    • Rachael,
      Yes that would be wonderful! Letters mean a lot, especially to someone in prison! He is being moved to a new prison almost any day now where he will serve the remainder of his sentence. I will post his address then!

      Thank you!!

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