January 4, 2014

While the news seemed more preoccupied with the “buzz worthy” parts of this tragedy, I want to focus on what really matters. I caused the death of an innocent man, I have damaged his friends and families lives, his daughters will never get to reconcile with him, his grand kids will never really get to know him, his loved ones and friends will never get to spend another second with the man they cherished so much. My friends and families lives are damaged, they have to suffer with a loved one in prison, they have to suffer the shame of what I’ve done. They also have to serve the punishment with me even though they are all innocent. One decision I made caused an enormous ripple of tragedy, one I don’t think I will ever truly comprehend. Every action and choice you make can effect others, bad choices can result in everything I’ve just described. No one is more important than anyone else. No one has the right to take the life of another. And no one has the right to put an innocent family through what I put them through. -Matthew Cordle


12 thoughts on “January 4, 2014

  1. Matthew you are paying for your crime you know what you did wrong and you owned it. You cant keep blaming your self that not the way to move on with your life now all you can do is spread the word of how drinking and driving hurts every one involved…..DONT LIVE IN THE PAST EXCEPT IT AND MOVE ON!!!! stay strong Matthew you will be home soon….

  2. I really can’t thank you enough for speaking up about this Matthew.
    On April 11th I was in a horrible accident due to a drunk driver. Drs expected me to die & it really is a miracle I survived. I broke my jaw in 5 places, had a skull fracture, 2 brain injuries… The list goes on. From the very first day out of the ICU people asked me how I felt about the man that caused all this, & I gave them a response I thought God would want me to. I told them I forgave him 100% & I had no hard feelings over it, but that wasn’t completely true. Part of me was still so angry & hurt that some man could do this to me. How dare he be so selfish to drink and drive, I didn’t deserve this!!! My heart was heavy & I was secretly miserable. The man apologized in court, but did he really mean it? Was saying sorry really enough… I just didn’t know. Weeks later I saw your video one afternoon & I couldn’t stop crying. Seeing you talk about it & actually seeing it from the perspective of the other man opened my eyes. The pain & anger I felt was gone & I was finally free. I wrote the man a letter and told him I forgave him & wish him well… You saved me from what could have been a lifetime of hidden anger & opened my eyes, so thank you… So much.

    • Thank you Rain for sharing your reply. I am so very sorry that you were in this horrible accident. My prayers to you on your recovery and so grateful that you survived and that your anger is gone! You are truly a Miracle!

    • Rain I did the same thing I could not stop crying my self yes it is a selfish thing to do drinking driving but also when you confess like Matthew did and you can see how sorry he is and will be you know its true it was a mistake every one makes them and we wished we would have choise a diff route but all you can really do is learn from it and try your best to be better!!!!

  3. I understand….
    You are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Life does go on, the pain dulls but never goes away.
    You are forever changed for the better.

  4. Matthew such a strong and moving statement, keep posting and stay strong,you have a strong back with your family behind you. Keep up your cause!!!! You can make a difference in the choices other people make. Push your message…It will make you feel you truly have a purpose. Make some good out of a bad situation. You got this…♡

  5. Matt-

    I never had the pleasure of meeting you, only heard great things. I’m one of Mullen’s friends. I just started into the nursing field and go to OSU/CSCC, tonight I had the pleasure of meeting someone who was a drunk driver and the cause of another person’s death do to that decision. I had the time to sit and talk with her right after the accident while on duty and she shared with me that because of you and your video that she was going to take full responsibility for her actions. That no matter what happened to her, she was going to make sure she did the right thing and honor that woman and her family like you did in your situation…

    I just thought you should know that.

    You really are making an impact from where you are right now. So proud of you & everything you’ve given back in this tremendously hard time in your life. Keeping you in my thoughts & prayers bub ❤

    – Christine Zacheis

    • Matthew, I hope that you know your message is being heard, and repeated, across the country and beyond. You are teaching so many people about making the right decision when drinking and driving and setting such an example about taking responsibility. You are being thought of often and by many, and you always will.

  6. Your story did create an internal conflict within me, do I blame you for your painful mistake by robbing someone of his life and his family of a loved one, or do I praise you for facing what you have done? I am sure you know that your debt to that family will never be paid with prison time or money, it is something that will hurt them, and you, forever. However you are living proof that people are not who they seem to be, since no one would ever imagine that an idiot getting drunk, picking fights and driving would have such a level of integrity. At no point do I judge you, since I have done the same in pre-adulthood years and I hate myself for having been that person. The difference between you and me, is that I was lucky and never hurt anyone and that you did what I would probably not do by facing the problem. 6 1/2 years is a very long time to think but having faced the problem as you did, coming clean, is reason enough to lift your head and move on. You will never forget, this death will always be with you but you will be out once again and you need to move on. Do not forget your past but do no dwell on it once you get out. Respect!

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