Matthew’s video ranked #21 out of 39 most important videos for 2013


One thought on “Matthew’s video ranked #21 out of 39 most important videos for 2013

  1. Hi Matthew,
    I feel 100% of your emotions towards your story. I am a 62 year old woman but my memories of the past are very real. When I was in my 30s and 40s, I was an alcoholic and was always drunk. I was a terrible mother to my 2 children. I was a terrible person as a whole. I was so self centered and did not care about anyone but myself. In reality, I did not care about myself either or I would have lived a better life. It has not been a good life for me. Drinking distorts how the brain works but it is sad how it affects everyone’s life around you. I wish I could change the past for my kids but I can’t.
    One night I was following my daughter home and I was so drunk. We went around a turn in the road but I went into a black out and my car took a dive off a hill into a pond. I wiped that car out but somehow I only wound up with bruised ribs. My daughter got me out of there before the cops came so I was a very lucky person and never got a ticket. I could have killed someone that night. I had previous times that I never knew how I drove myself home after drinking all night. I was very fortunate that something terrible did not happen.
    I feel your pain so badly. I don’t think I could ever have been as strong as you are. I know I couldn’t survive being in jail. Of course we all think a lot of things until we are there and then maybe God steps in with a lending hand.
    For me, I finally realized one day I needed to change or my life was going to go very bad. I woke up on a Sunday and prayed to God for help. On that day, I quit drinking and never went back to that movie. A year later I quit smoking and never went back to that either.
    So, stay strong and remember that you did what you needed to do to make things right. God is there with you and he will always help you. Sometimes it won’t seem like he is still listening but he is. You do have a guardian angel looking after you. You were saved for a reason but only God knows what that is. So please stay strong.
    Years ago, there was a man in Cary, NC who was a great guy. He always tried to help the homeless or needy people in life. One day he had too much to drink and killed six people on the road. Now, it was a dark road and there was an accident between a woman going down a side street and a man driving down the main street and they collided. Then 6 bystanders got in the middle of the road to help. It was on a very dark and winding road. That is where the drunk driver did not see or have fast enough reflex to avoid hitting and killing 6 people. Maybe it would have happened even if he were sober. I don’t know, but he was surely going to jail since he was intoxicated. He got 10 years. He was a good man and it was just such a tragedy all the way around. A mother of a boy entering NC State College understood and forgave the driver. She gave him the money she had saved for his education and advised him to use it to get help and wished him a good life. Now that was an amazing woman.
    So, be proud of yourself for making some healthy changes to making your life a better place. You were one of the chosen people to keep going and to help others from making the wrong choices. Don’t ever back peddle and always know that God is with you.

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