I killed a man….

The point of this blog is to follow Matthew Cordle in real-time on his journey thru a 6.5 year prison sentence, his thoughts, feelings, guilt. Matthew hopes that living his journey with him will give you insight to NOT make the same choices he did on the tragic night of June 22, 2013 where he chose to drink and drive. He hit Vincent Canzani who died at the scene. Matthew will carry that sentence for the rest of his life. This is just a glimpse into how he will deal with it…..

December 22, 2013

“This will be my first entry into my personal journal or “blog” as I am aware people will be reading it. I will be writing my thoughts freely as possible so if I offend anyone or come off in an unintentional way-I apologize. I am currently at the Correctional Reception rehabilitation Center or CRC, which is where you are processed and then placed in your Parent institution where you then serve out the remainder of your sentence. CRC is a closed-camp facility meaning you are locked in a 2 man 6×9 cell for 22 hours a day. My days are simple. I read a lot, write a lot, workout (as much as one can in a tiny cell), and most of all think. Think about how I got here, how I could have stopped it, why I didn’t stop it, how could I have not seen it coming?” -Matthew Cordle

4 thoughts on “I killed a man….

  1. I am so impressed by Matthew and his story. The story is so powerful. I don’t hear one ounce of pity. His words and actions are all about saving the next victim.

  2. I have nine years of sobriety, but I am taught I only have today. Thank you Matthew. You are touching thousands of lives with your message. I had three DUI arrests before I got the “message” and, fortunately, I did not kill anyone, but I definitely could have. Thank you for your courage and your strength.

  3. Matthew, I hope you do know that you have made a difference. Your story is one that will be remembered by a great many forever. I also hope that you know that you are thought of every single day.

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